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June 23, 2018 3 min read

Discussing the different types of damper adjustment available

There are several levels of dampers available from BILSTEIN, each positioned with a particular user in mind. BILSTEIN recognize different customer demand different features from their suspension and have different desires.

The BILSTEIN B12 suspension kits are built for road lovers. They are the perfect solution for those wanting near OE comfort but also want to be able to lean on the loud pedal down a b-road. Lowering the car up to 50mm these sophisticated shock and spring kits are perfectly matched to work in harmony with your car. The damping is fixed to a road tested preset, simply fit the kit and enjoy!

BILSTEIN B16 is the second tier of the BILSTEIN coil-over range, sitting just above the non-adjustable BILSTEIN B14 units, BILSTEIN B16 features an effective single point damping adjustment. This easy to use wheel allows a parallel adjustment of bump and rebound. Simply put – you can never confuse the settings, each click delivers a perfectly matched rebound and bump setting, each one softer or harder than the last and allows you to adjust the performance to your individual taste.

Clubsport sounds fast, doesn’t it? Well that’s because it is, BILSTEIN Clubsport is geared towards the real trackday enthusiast and translates years of motorsport experience and race winning technology into a coil-over for you to enjoy. With over 100 different damper setting variations possible, individual bump and rebound adjustment and camber adjustable top mounts BILSTEIN Clubsport should have any real driver drooling.

Despite all the adjustment on offer BILSTEIN made Clubsport easy to use, with an colour coding system – blue for bump, red for rebound. This makes on the fly adjustments at the circuit a breeze.

But what if you’ve want a car with electronically adjustable dampers? People after a lower ride height and more driving involvement can also retrofit an electronically switchable suspension with BILSTEIN’s height adjustable B16 DampTronic® Range.

The BILSTEIN DampTronic® features constantly variable damping, by using wheel speed sensors, suspension force sensors and engine control sensors to adjust the damping to suit the road surface. At the touch of a button damping rate can be altered between comfort and sport settings. This is a really popular option for people who visit track days like Nürburgring and Spa where a dual damping characteristic keeps a comfortable road ride and a performance circuit experience too.

This is just a small scratch on the surface of the range, aimed at showing what is possible on road cars. BILSTEIN also offer a full race specific damper range plus off road dampers too, explore the catalog to find out more.

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