BILSTEIN Tracktool Project Part 4: Is the Supra faster than an AMG?

Toyota Supra
August 16, 2021 3 min read

With extensive tuning, we have squeezed more than 120 hp out of the 3-liter turbo engine of our BILSTEIN Supra. Find out how our track tool drives now – and what totally surprised us.

We make our Toyota Supra track-ready. So we have already optimized the cockpit and the safety of the Japanese sports car – until we started to improve the engine’s performance. The modifications: A new exhaust system from Lightweight Performance, a downpipe from HJS, new radiators, a carbon intake system from Eventuri and full chiptuning from Simon Motorsport.

What did the optimizations bring? Quite a lot! In numbers: Over 100 hp! As the dyno run on Simon Motorsport’s Dyno shows, the 3-litre in-line six-cylinder turbo has gained 123 hp compared with the standard version. All in all, the BILSTEIN track tool now mobilizes a hefty 462.9 hp and delivers a massive 626.4 Nm of maximum torque to the rear axle.

But numbers, as we all know, are only one truth. The much more relevant one: How does the BILSTEIN Supra drive? To find out, our BILSTEIN presenter Nico Bastian and tuning pro Franz Simon set out on an extensive test drive.

Emotional deceleration exhaust cracklesehmen

On the first meters, discreet but surprisingly noticeable exhaust crackles put a smile on their faces when the throttle is released. Therefore, Franz deactivated the overrun cutoff in sport mode when optimizing the engine software. Now the engine continues to inject even when the driver takes his or her foot off the gas, resulting in exhaust pops or crackles. This creates a much more emotional driving experience. Exactly to our taste!

Edgy Sound

Just like the whole sound of the new exhaust system. The sound is now much rougher compared to the standard system. And thanks to flap control, the BILSTEIN Supra can also be driven comfortably quietly if required.

Nico loads through

First impression: The tuned Toyota Supra is already a lot of fun in terms of sound. But what about the performance? There is only good news in this respect as well. The acceleration is incredible! The engine delivers plenty of power from low to high revs and pushes the Supra hard.

The sprint from 100 to 200 km/h, which is popular in the tuning scene, reveals how powerful the Supra is. The big questions: How good is our engine tuning really? And: Will we beat the 8-second mark? The outside temperatures of around 30°C are not ideal. Nevertheless, Nico loads up: Third gear, full throttle. Fourth gear. Fifth gear. 200 km/h!

BILSTEIN Tracktool Toyota Supra
BILSTEIN Tracktool Toyota Supra
BILSTEIN Tracktool Toyota Supra
BILSTEIN Tracktool Toyota Supra
BILSTEIN Tracktool Toyota Supra
BILSTEIN Tracktool Toyota Supra

Sprint from 100 to 200 km/h: Does the Toyota Supra beat the 8-second mark?

Franz checks the GPS-based app. The Supra barely misses the 8-second mark with 8.03 seconds for the sprint from 100 to 200 mph. But that’s mainly due to the slight hill, so the app corrects the value to 7.87 seconds.

This also makes the Toyota Supra significantly faster than the Mercedes-AMG C63 S, for example, which racing driver Nico drives privately. The 510-hp power coupe needs 8.7 seconds for the sprint. Franz Simon can’t resist a snappy comment: “This Toyota Supra will beat your car easily”.

In the next episode, the BILSTEIN Supra finally gets the right suspension to cope with the significantly increased engine power.

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