BILSTEIN Tracktool Project Part 5: Finally! The EVO T1 coilover suspension for the Supra

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October 19, 2021 3 min read

We have already squeezed more than 123 additional hp out of the 3-litre in-line six-cylinder unit in our BILSTEIN Supra. Now comes the brand-new BILSTEIN EVO T1, an absolutely track-ready coilover suspension for the BILSTEIN Tracktool. All about the new Toyota Supra coilover suspension!

Therefore, our presenter and race driver Nico Bastian traveled to Meuspath, Germany, directly at the Nürburgring. His destination: Black Falcon. In his luggage: the brand-new BILSTEIN EVO T1 coilover suspension – fresh from R&D. And there, surrounded by various Mercedes-AMG GT3s and Porsche 911 GT3 Cup cars, the tuning Supra felt quite home.

BILSTEIN EVO T1: The perfect coilover suspension for track tools

For many years, the racing team has relied on BILSTEIN suspensions and shock absorbers for its own race cars and customer vehicles, which are optimized at Black Falcon for use on the race track. Thanks to many years of collaboration, Black Falcon has been able to build up an astonishing level of expertise in the field of suspension tuning. Just the right partner, then, for the next milestone in our tuning project.

Your advantages: More grip – more style

The Black Falcon mechanics mounted the already visually convincing, matte black Toyota Supra coilover suspension with blue color highlights and also readjusted the toe and camber values. The Toyota Supra was lowered by approx. 35 mm (varies depending on specification of vehicle). The lowering not only looks great. The performance gain is also significant compared to the series model. Nico expects significantly more grip in combination with the Yokohama semislicks. And just by reducing the pitching and rolling movements, the new coilover suspension provides a huge boost in driving dynamics.

Tracktool and Daily Driver!

You want a track tool that also works as a daily driver? Congratulations: you’ve found it! Because the BILSTEIN EVO T1 has been fine-tuned both on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife and on the bad-road tracks at the test center in Papenburg, Germany. That’s why our brand-new Supra sports suspension can do both: track and everyday!

The main feature of the Toyota Supra coilover suspension is the dual-click adjustment. It allows the rebound and compression damping of the sports suspension to be adjusted in parallel at each shock absorber. Ten full clicks regulate the damping force from soft to particularly firm. And it’s super easy to do in the installed state without any extra tools!

An alternative for the road: BILSTEIN EVO SE

With the BILSTEIN EVO SE, we have an exciting alternative in our range for all Supra drivers who do not necessarily need a damping force adjustment system. But even so, the coilover suspension is an excellent upgrade to the electronic standard suspension of the Toyota Supra. Thanks to the double-tuned damper setting in the BILSTEIN road test, the sports suspension offers more performance and works more harmoniously than the standard solution.

Decommissioning kits for the standard electronic damper control system

As of November 2021, we also have decommissioning kits (article number 14-292408) in our program that decommission the standard damper control. In this way, error messages are prevented when you have a new sports suspension mounted.

YOUR new driving experience

Click on the link and find a workshop or provide us with your contact details and get a personal advice from one of our BILSTEIN experts. The part number and recommended retail price for the BILSTEIN EVO T1 for Toyota Supra (MK5) and BMW Z4 (G29) is: 48-304498 BILSTEIN – EVO T1 – 2350 USD excl. tax

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BILSTEIN EVO T1 Gewindefahrwerk Teaser
BILSTEIN EVO T1 Gewindefahrwerk Toyota Supra
BILSTEIN EVO T1 Gewindefahrwerk Toyota Supra
BILSTEIN EVO T1 Gewindefahrwerk Toyota Supra
BILSTEIN EVO T1 Gewindefahrwerk Toyota Supra
BILSTEIN EVO T1 Gewindefahrwerk Toyota Supra

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