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You need freedom, you are on the lookout for opportunities and individual driving pleasure – on the race track and any other form of asphalt. With our BILSTEIN EVO T2 track performance suspension and their 10×10 Pro-Click adjustment, nothing stands in the way of your self-realization – nothing at all!


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GOOD NEWS: Revision of high-performance dampers (from BILSTEIN B6 upwards) is possible depending on the design. Please contact our customer request department for this.

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Lowering as required

The individual lowering not only looks great, it also significantly optimises the handling of your car: the lower centre of gravity enables higher cornering speeds and faster lap times on the track. And the best thing is: with the EVO T2 you are always on the safe side. The premium coilover suspension naturally comes with a parts certificate and has appropriately dimensioned threads to spare even when lowered more. What’s more, the tyres and wheel arch fit perfectly – technically without any problems and visually appealing.

10×10 Pro-Click adjustment

The EVO T2 uses our 10×10 Pro-Click adjustment system: this allows the high-performance suspension to be adjusted separately in both rebound and compression via two aluminium adjustment wheels, easily and without tools: as a new development, the EVO T2 adjusts the compression damping not only at the valve on the piston rod, but also at the special bottom valve. In this way, a total of 100 different damper set-ups are possible – perfect for your individual riding style and the characteristics of the race track.

Driving dynamics next level

Our engineers have perfected the characteristic curves for you in the legendary BILSTEIN road test. So you can expect highly dynamic damper characteristics for the sportiest steering behaviour in every everyday situation and on the track: the EVO T2 impresses with a sporty, precise steering feel and even more direct contact with the road.

Probably the best sports suspension for your driving style

Another key benefit for you: we always provide a parts certificate for every coilover suspension. The BILSTEIN EVO T2 coilover suspension, manufactured to the highest OE quality standards, is completed by the high-quality zinc-nickel coating, which offers additional corrosion protection and thus ensures maximum durability of your new favourite suspension.

BILSTEIN EVO T2 features at a glance:

  • Individual and steplessly adjustable lowering of up to 70 mm (varies depending on model, equipment variant and motorisation)
  • Two aluminium adjustment wheels and 100 adjustment possibilities: the 10×10 Pro-Click adjustment regulates rebound and compression separately and safely for an absolutely individual damper setup
  • Naturally with residual threads and parts certificate
  • Damper setting tuned by the BILSTEIN experts
  • Sporty, precise steering feel and even more direct contact with the road
  • High driving pleasure and maximum longevity
  • Paintwork according to the highest OEM standards
  • Additional corrosion protection through zinc-nickel coating for EVO performance coilovers
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Award-winning shock absorbers and performance suspensions

Success on the race track can be measured by lap times. But success off the track has many faces. One of our most important indicators has always been our users direct feedback. For example, the readers choice among their favorite shock absorber brands collected by leading automotive magazines in their annual surveys. Once again, we are honored with various awards which we are proud to share.

Best Brand Award 2024 from “Auto Motor und Sport”  in the category performance suspension
Best Brand Award 2024 from “Motor Klassik”  in the category suspension
TOPMARKE 2024 GOLD from “Auto Zeitung” in the category performance suspension
TOPMARKE 2024 GOLD from “Classic Cars” in the category suspension
Best Brand Award 2023 from “Motor Sport aktuell”  in the category performance suspension
Best Brand Award 2023 from “Motor Sport aktuell”  in the category coilovers