BMW E36 Tuning
BMW E36 Tuning

BMW E36 tuning: Perfect lowering with BILSTEIN coilover suspension kits

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August 28, 2023 5 min read

The BMW E36 is an absolute classic that still enjoys great popularity, especially in the tuning scene. Regardless of whether it’s a coupé, saloon or convertible: with its clear lines, striking front end and harmonious overall appearance, the BMW E36 is still a popular tuning base even after more than 30 years. Perfect lowering is achieved – of course – with a coilover suspension system from BILSTEIN.

As the successor to the BMW E30 and immediate predecessor to the E46, the BMW E36 was available with various engine variants until 1998, including four- and six-cylinder petrol engines as well as diesel engines. The more powerful models, such as the BMW M3 E36, offer impressive performance levels and are known for their high driving dynamics.

The BMW E36 is the perfect fun car for the road and the race track

First introduced in 1990, the third generation of the BMW 3 Series features balanced weight distribution, precise steering and well-tuned suspension geometry. All perfect ingredients for agile handling that is still appreciated by BMW fans today. It is the combination of powerful engines and balanced suspension tuning that makes the E36 a fun car on the road or the race track.

BMW E36 Tuning: Numerous customisation options

In addition, the BMW E36 offers a wide range of tuning and customisation options. The extensive range of aftermarket parts and tuning options has helped make the E36 a popular vehicle for car enthusiasts to this day: many tuning and trackday fans have made the E36 their project car as a result.

Lowering with coilover suspension or sports suspension

Lowering the vehicle has always been of the highest importance. And this is no different with the BMW E36. Anyone who wants to lower their “Bimmer” is faced with the question: coilover suspension or sports suspension?

What are the differences? Quite simple: sports suspensions from premium manufacturers such as BILSTEIN consist of shorter sports springs with specially matched sports shock absorbers. While sports suspensions have a precisely defined lowering, coilovers are adjustable in height. The essential feature of coilovers is their screw thread, which allows the lowering to be individually adjusted within a defined range.

Installation video BILSTEIN B16 coilover suspension for a BMW E36

Sports suspensions such as the popular BILSTEIN B12 are generally a good compromise between sportiness and comfort. Many manufacturers offer a full lowering kit. At BILSTEIN, we tailor each kit individually to the vehicle for a sporty, harmonious set-up.

A coilover suspension is the perfect solution for those who want more

You need more individuality? Then a coilover suspension should be the perfect solution for you! And drivers who want to take their car to the racetrack every now and then also expect more from their suspension. For them, coilovers such as the high-performance BILSTEIN B14 and B16 are the ideal partner. The ability to adjust the vehicle height individually within a predefined range is a key advantage over normal sports suspensions for particularly ambitious tuners and sports drivers. Depending on the vehicle, coilovers can provide greater lowering compared to sports suspensions.

These are the advantages of coilover suspension for your BMW E36

The advantages of a coilover suspension are numerous. Firstly, it offers improved grip, as the lower vehicle height lowers the centre of gravity and reduces roll. This leads to improved cornering stability and an overall sportier ride. Secondly, the individual height adjustment allows you to tailor the vehicle to different road conditions and your personal taste. A BILSTEIN coilover suspension gives you the flexibility to achieve the look and performance you want.

BMW E36 Tuning
BMW E36 Tuning
BMW E36 Tuning

BILSTEIN suspensions for the E36

We have developed an extensive range of high-performance suspensions for the BMW E36. With our many years of experience in the development of premium suspension systems, our solutions offer an optimum balance between comfort and sportiness.

BMW E36 sports suspensions:

BILSTEIN B12 Sportline: The B12 Sportline sports suspension offers lowering of approx. 45 mm at the front and approx. 15 mm at the rear. It has been specially developed for drivers who want a sportier look and improved handling without compromising the comfort of the vehicle.

BILSTEIN B12 Pro-Kit: The B12 Pro-Kit offers a moderate lowering of approx. 30 mm at the front and approx. 15 mm at the rear. Just like the B12 Sportline, the B12 Pro-Kit is a good choice for drivers who are looking for improved handling and a sportier look without sacrificing everyday comfort. The B12 Pro-Kit provides a great balance between sportiness and everyday usability.

BMW E36 coilovers:

BILSTEIN B14: The B14 coilover suspension allows individual adjustment of the vehicle height with a lowering of approx. 35 to 55 mm at the front and 20 to 45 mm at the rear. The infinitely variable height adjustment allows you to customise your vehicle according to your own preferences. The B14 coilover suspension offers improved performance and a sportier ride.

BILSTEIN B16: The B16 coilover suspension offers similar adjustment options as the B14, but is additionally adjustable in rebound and compression in parallel. This means: with ten simple clicks, you can set your own personal damper set-up for your E36. The BILSTEIN B16 also features a lowering range of approx. 35 to 55 mm at the front and approx. 20 to 40 mm at the rear. It is also characterised by a precise set-up that offers an optimum balance between comfort and sportiness.

BMW E36 motorsport suspension: With the EVO R, we also have a dedicated motorsport suspension in our range. The coilover suspension impresses with 100 adjustment options: The 10×10 Pro-Click adjustment regulates rebound and compression separately and safely for an absolutely individual damper setup. The suspension features an absolute motorsport focus. The BILSTEIN EVO R motorsport suspension offers maximum performance for demanding racing drivers.

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