The BILSTEIN Race Team

Simracing meets Nürburgring: Join the BILSTEIN race team on its journey
to the 24-hour race on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife.

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Simracing meets Nürburgring: Join the BILSTEIN race team on its journey
to the 24-hour race on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife.

How to build a race team – BILSTEIN edition

What is better than providing shock absorbers to race teams? Right, having your own race team. That’s why we decided to take three aspiring race drivers on the exciting mission the tackle the 24 hour race 2024 at the legendary Nürburgring-Nordschleife. Follow along on our journey and see how we at BILSTEIN make dreams come true.


Meet the Team

Jimmy Broadbent

A high-profile sim racer known for his exceptional driving skills, compelling content creation and passion for motorsport.

Meet Jimmy

Steve Alvarez Brown

Steve Alvarez Brown, widely known as “Super GT”, is well known in the sim racing world for his exceptional driving skills.

Meet Steve

Misha Charoudin

Mikhael Charoudin, widely known as “Misha”, is a prominent figure in the field of automotive and motorsport content creation, best known for his laps of the Nürburgring.

Racer profile coming soon

3 steps to build your own racing team



01. Finding drivers

Every race team needs motivated and fast driver – we found them in Misha Charoudin, Jimmy Broadbent and Steve Alvarez Brown. Three young drivers who want to use this opportunity to prove that they belong behind the steering wheel at the 24h race. We are excited to be on this journey together.

The BILSTEIN Race Team posing for a team photo at the Nürburgring. From left to right: Jimmy Broadbent, Misha Charouding and Steve Alvarez Brown

02. Finding the right car

What makes a car a race car? It has to be fast, it has to be safe, and it needs BILSTEIN shock absorbers. In our case we decided on a BMW a 258 hp BMW 330i equipped with the legendary BILSTEIN EVO R. On top we added a few saftey measures such as welded safety cell, a fire extinguishing system, and a race seat with a 6-point seat belt. All needed to compete in the VT2 class.

03. Finding the right partners

Our long-standing partner Black Falcon didn’t have to think long before joining in on our incredible journey. Not only did they help us turning a ‘standard’ BMW 330i into a professional race car, but they are also supporting our team by providing their expertise and handson racing services.

Building our race car – before & after

BMW 330i
BMW 330i – BILSTEIN race car edition

It’s a wrap: Our first season!



Did you know that you need a special permit to compete in the NLS? You can get this permit by driving in the RCN series. And so our team used these first races to get used to the brand new car. After getting the NLS permit they used the remaining season 2023 to compete in four NLS races:

  • NLS 6 &7: 5th place in the VT2 R+4WD class
  • NLS 8: a strong 3rd place, meaning our first podium!
  • NLS 9: a new record set for the team’s lap time

Finishing Flag at the Nürburgring
BILSTEIN race driver Misha Charoudin waving at the camera

Off-Season: Time to prepare

After the season is before the season: While other people get to relax during the winter, our drivers need to prepare for the upcoming season 2024. Fitness training, mental coaching, race simulations, and test drives with the car – the team will prepare thoroughly. Follow along to see how these preparations come along.

Meet our racers & follow their story
Black Falcon race service member fueling the race car mid race
BILSTEIN race drivers Steve Brown and Jimmy Broadbent discussing the race
BILSTEIN race car driving on the track
bilstein race driver Misha Charoudin walking around with his video camera in hand
BILSTEIN race car driving on the track placed in the pole position
BILSTEIN race driver Steve Brown taking off his helmet after a sucessful race