Lowering with ‘record suspension’: BILSTEIN B14 coilover suspension for the VW T6

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June 10, 2024 4 min read

BILSTEIN equips VW T6 with specially developed B14 coilover suspension

With the BILSTEIN B14 coilover suspension, drivers of the VW T6 can raise their vehicle to a new level in terms of appearance and driving dynamics. Depending on the equipment variant and engine, a lowering of up to 70 millimetres is possible.

BILSTEIN B14 coilover suspension for the VW T6: up to 70 mm lowering

The performance coilover suspension for the VW T6 has already given the VW T5 a boost – and has probably become the best-selling coilover suspension for the T5 worldwide. Since its launch in 2011, it has not only taken the hearts of the T5 community by storm. It also quickly set a lap record on the race track: back in 2013, a 220 hp VW T5 with BILSTEIN B14 broke the lap record for commercial vehicles on the Nordschleife. The time: 9:57 minutes. A BILSTEIN B14 coilover suspension was also on board for this furious ride.

This was a solution developed by BILSTEIN’s Customer Special Requests “Kundensondewunsch” (KSW) department. The inspiration for this came from Deimann Fahrwerktechnik from Germany. The special highlight: the coilover suspension can also be used for the current successor, the T6, where it also makes a top impression.


Complete package dramatically increases driving pleasure in the VW T6

‘With this B14 variant, BILSTEIN has developed a complete package that dramatically enhances the driving pleasure in the T6, while still catering for the family target group,’ summarised Deimann Fahrwerktechnik. The product is an all-round carefree package that is available for almost all T6 variants: whether a sparse panel van or luxurious Multivan, short or long wheelbase, with or without all-wheel drive or heavy-duty suspension. The continuously variable lowering between 40 and 70 mm (depending on the model and equipment variant) allows the customer an extremely wide range. Thanks to the registration-capable adjustment range, the settings can be changed at any time without the need for a new registration.

Driving impressions: BILSTEIN B14 x VW T6

The technical advantages of the BILSTEIN B14 are numerous: the height adjustment is floating and the spring deflection has been increased by 30 mm to ensure the superior BILSTEIN ride feel even when lowered further and in poor road conditions. At the rear, BILSTEIN relies on monotube technology to bring more composure to the handling.

The B14 suspension option from BILSTEIN is by no means just for tuning freaks who want to cruise from meeting to meeting. The result is comfortable handling while at the same time minimising pitch and roll. The rear passengers also enjoy a pleasant level of residual comfort with significantly less ‘rocking movements’. This means that the setup is even recommended for passengers who easily suffer from travel sickness. All in all, the BILSTEIN B14 results in a driving behaviour which, as with the T5, significantly improves the driving dynamics of the T6 and smooths out bumps with ease.

BILSTEIN B14 coilover suspension: new edition from Deimann Fahrwerktechnik for VW T6

The BILSTEIN B14 coilover suspension for Volkswagen T5 and T6 has now been relaunched with a series of optimisations. The completely revised coilover suspension benefits from new, modern production processes that also fulfil the particularly strict quality standards of car manufacturers.

Product installation

The B14 has been further improved in many areas: the developers at BILSTEIN were able to achieve an even more stable damper characteristic curve. A new coating on the dampers and a new spring also increase the corrosion resistance of the suspension. The BILSTEIN B14 coilover suspension for the T5, T6 and T6.1 models therefore impresses with its longer service life.

Interested bus drivers can obtain all information about the BILSTEIN B14 for the VW T5, T6 and T6.1 directly from Deimann Fahrwerktechnik: https://deimann-fahrwerktechnik.de/

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