A tuned car at a tuning meeting of a tuning fair with audience
A tuned car at a tuning meeting of a tuning fair with audience

Car shows, Tuning Fairs & Meetups Dates 2024

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January 29, 2024 8 min read

Lower, faster, wider! Tuners and tuning enthusiasts discover trends and innovations at the several dozen car shows, tuning fairs and tuning events in Germany and all around the world. Whether you are a classic car enthusiast or a 1000 hp fan, the range of events is diverse, and not only in Germany.

Tuning Meet-up: This is where the tuning community meets

It starts with almost familiar get-togethers – with a bit of luck in a car park or garage in your town – and ends in Las Vegas. At SEMA, thousands of car nerds regularly discover the most unusual tuning vehicles in the world. No tuning event is bigger.

But you don’t have to travel that far. Because the basic idea is the same everywhere: tune up, be amazed and have fun. As a visitor, you will experience a completely informal atmosphere. You don’t need any specialist knowledge either. The impressive tuning cars speak for themselves. Just keep your eyes and ears open – that’s enough for a great weekend.

Zuschauen an der Strecke bei einem Tuning Treffen
Ein 3er BMW auf einem Treffen der Tuning Community
Ein BMW 3 wird auf einem Tuning Event vorgestellt
Getunte Autos bei einem Tuning Treffen auf dem Land
Rennfahrer stehen vor einen Rennauto und unterhalten sich
Ein Rennauto auf einem Tuning Event fährt auf einer Rennstrecke
Ein Oldtimer Porsche fährt auf einer Rennstrecke

As a tuner, however, all meet-ups and some larger events offer you the opportunity to present your own car on the podium and on the track. In this show & shine contest, you compete against other tuners. You should inform yourself about the competition criteria and register beforehand. Only then can you receive the trophy for the best paint job or the most beautiful wheel rim, for example.

Participation in races, competitions or workshops, for example on drifting, usually costs extra. But otherwise, a visit to a meeting, an event or a fair is rather inexpensive fun. Day tickets usually cost ten to 20 euros admission. Children only pay at a few events.

Who gets their money’s worth at which event depends entirely on personal preferences. One tuning fan loves stylish vintage cars, another prefers lightning-fast dragsters. One likes it quieter, the other needs the usually obligatory party after the event – so: just go there and check it out.

Here is an overview of must-attend events, important tuning fairs and insider tips:

Selected dates of the major tuning fairs

GTI Treffen Wolfsburg

The end of the GTI meeting in Reifnitz does not mean the end of the GTI meeting itself. On the contrary: Volkswagen has brought the GTI meeting to the brand’s home in Wolfsburg.


Techno Classica

Anyone looking for pimped tracktools will not find what they are looking for. Techno Classica Essen sees itself as the world fair for classic cars, which does not mean that tuning fans will not get their money’s worth here. Old-timers as well as classic and prestige cars will be exhibited. Those who like can invest their savings here. Many of the 1250 or so exhibitors will be offering their classic and young timers for sale. Many a model has made a good return to the past. But business interest or a passion for collecting classic cars are of course not a prerequisite for a visit. Anyone who just wants to marvel at the aesthetics of classic design is also welcome.


Porsche Meeting Dinslaken

The Porsche Treffen on May 1 is Europe’s largest independent Porsche club meeting, according to its own information. Every year, around 2,000 Porsche vehicles take part. From vintage Porsches to current models, everything is represented. Porsche clubs from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland will among others be attending.


Tuning World Bodensee

The international trade fair for car tuning simply offers everything: from the tiny powder coating for the rim to the maximally pimped 1000 hp tracktools. Every year, more than 100,000 visitors prove the importance of the event, at which around 150 clubs also show their tuning cars. You, too, can be there. In the Private Car Area, TWB presents the best cars on the scene. And because tuning should also be something for the eye, the fair also exhibits top-styled vehicles – the haute couture of the motor world, so to speak.


24h-Race Nürburgring

Every year, motorsport fans from all over the world gather to witness one of the most spectacular races of all: The 24-hour race at the Nürburgring. The Nordschleife of the Nürburgring, famous for its challenging track layout and iconic bends, sets the stage for this legendary event. The fascination of this race lies not only in the sporting challenge, but also in the unique atmosphere.


Abenteuer & Allrad

With more than 300 exhibitors from all over the world, “Abenteuer & Allrad” has been one of the most important events in the off-road scene for many years. Exhibits include 4×4 vehicles, quads and ATVs, motorcycles and camper vans as well as spare parts and travel equipment.


Porsche PFF Meeting

The Porsche Meeting of PFF‘s largest Porsche community with 84,000 members has been taking place for many years and inspires many thousands of Porsche fans every year. In addition to the exchange between like-minded people, a Concours d’Elégance is the focus of the spectacular Porsche meeting.



The Myle Festival is a three-day event that has been held annually on the grounds of Motorworld in Munich since 2022. The Myle Festival (motto “Music meets Mobility”, or Myle for short) is known for its innovative concept, which brings together different forms of mobility (car, motorcycle, boat, bicycle, new mobility, etc.) with stage performances by DJs, as well as speaker formats and knowledge workshops (so-called masterclasses).


Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a top-class motorsport and sports car event that takes place every year in the grounds of Goodwood House in West Sussex, England. Founded by Lord March, the festival attracts motorsport enthusiasts from all over the world. It is not only a tribute to the history of motorsport, but also a platform for the latest innovations in the automotive industry.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed offers a unique opportunity to see legendary racing cars from past decades in action. The iconic hillclimb circuit at Goodwood House serves as a stage for breathtaking displays of historic racing cars, modern supercars and some of the fastest motorcycles in the world.

In addition to the spectacular races, the Motor Culture Festival also features a variety of exhibitions, including rare classic cars, prototypes and pioneering concepts.


Classic Days

Classic car fans definitely enjoy classic car days in Düsseldorf: the large and colorful automobile garden party attracts tens of thousands of visitors to the “summer picnic” every year. Over 100 classic car clubs come together here to show off their exclusive vehicles. Contemporary sports and racing cars also drive around a 2.8 km circuit.


Goodwood Revival

The Goodwood Revival is a three-day festival held each September at Goodwood Circuit since 1998 for the types of racing cars and motorcycles that would have competed during the circuit’s original period—1948–1966. Goodwood Revival is an immersive celebration of iconic cars and fashion.


SEMA Show Las Vegas

The American market is crazy: according to a survey, nine out of ten Americans would tune their Jeep or Dodge. So it’s no wonder that probably the biggest tuning show in the world has established itself in this country, of all places. Visitors come from all over the world to SEMA in Las Vegas. For four days, they experience everything the tuning brain can dream up. SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) not only attracts all the big carmakers. In addition to the souped-up and highly polished vehicles, there are innovations in tools and workshop equipment as well as all kinds of accessories to be examined. Las Vegas, the gambler’s paradise? Maybe, but for four days a year it is also a tuning paradise.


Essen Motor Show

Car Shows Tuning Messen
Car Shows Tuning Messen
Car Shows Tuning Messen
Messestand von BILSTEIN mit Besuchern auf der Essen Motor Show

At the Essen Motor Show, everything revolves around automotive enthusiasm. As Europe’s leading event for sporty vehicles, the range of exhibits at the Essen Motor Show includes sports cars, tuning & lifestyle, motor sports and classic cars. The Motor Sport Arena and exciting special shows will also provide entertainment. The number of visitors shows how important the event is for fans and the industry: Around 300,000 tuning fans from Germany and abroad regularly come.


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