VW T7 coilover suspension BILSTEIN EVO S
VW T7 coilover suspension BILSTEIN EVO S

Our new coilover suspension for the new VW T7: The BILSTEIN EVO S

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December 12, 2022 4 min read

VW Bus reloaded!

You don’t have to be a VW bus freak to be a fan of the new T7. The new bus generation is characterized by a fresh, extremely well done design and state-of-the-art technology. More comfort and a whole armada of new assistance systems are set to make the T7 Multivan the new bestseller at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. For T7 drivers who value superior driving dynamics, our new coil-over suspension for the VW T7 is just what they need. All about the BILSTEIN EVO S threaded ride height adjustable kit for the Multivan!

Brand new coilover suspension for VW T7

Visually, the new VW T7 is based on its famous to legendary ancestors from T1 to T3 and T4 to T6. And yet the new VW Bus reinterprets the classic design. Completely new, to be precise. The wide front with the painted bumper and the more inclined windshield as well as the lower vehicle height make the VW T7 appear even more dynamic. The new bus generation is therefore visually very pleasing even in its standard state.

Significantly sharper driving dynamics

And the new T7 Multivan is also supposed to set new standards in terms of ride comfort and assistance systems. According to Volkswagen, the bus offers a lot of equipment that was previously reserved exclusively for luxury class vehicles. For example, in the area of driver assistance systems. The new VW T7 has up to 20 of these technical aids on board. For those who still like to drive themselves despite all the comfort and for all who value superior driving dynamics, our new coilover suspension for the VW T7 is just made for you.

VW T7 tuning for demanding “bus drivers”

Our new BILSTEIN EVO S coilover suspension for the VW T7 turns the VW Bus into a driver’s car with much sharper driving dynamics!

The BILSTEIN EVO S gives the T7 a more confident ride. Tested worldwide on various road surfaces in BILSTEIN road tests, the sports suspension stabilizes the body for greater performance and comfort. And that even on long journeys.

Crucial advantages over the stock suspension

Compared to the T7 with standard suspension, the Multivan equipped with BILSTEIN no longer drives like a bus, but like a sporty passenger car! In corners, the T7 then rolls significantly less, so that even fast curves can be driven much more quickly and safely. The bus-like pitching is also largely eliminated during braking maneuvers. The significantly low pitching and rolling – in our eyes also a plus in comfort!

Lowering up to 50 mm!

Visually, too, the new coilover suspension raises the VW T7 to a new level by simultaneously lowering the bus by up to 50 mm (varies depending on specification of vehicle). Thanks to the perfect lowering, the tires and wheel arch are perfectly aligned. The lowering thus underlines the fresh, dynamic look of the new VW T7. The optimized vehicle height also ensures a lower center of gravity and balanced feedback of steering commands.

VW T7 Gewindefahrwerk BILSTEIN EVO S
VW T7 Gewindefahrwerk BILSTEIN EVO S
VW T7 Gewindefahrwerk BILSTEIN EVO S
VW T7 Gewindefahrwerk BILSTEIN EVO S
VW T7 Gewindefahrwerk BILSTEIN EVO S

These are the features of the BILSTEIN EVO S for the VW T7:

  • Optical upgrade for your T7 thanks to lowering up to 50 mm (varies depending on specification of vehicle)
  • Stepless lowering with threads to spare and parts certificate
  • More powerful and harmonious than the standard suspension thanks to dual-tuned damper setting in the BILSTEIN road test and on the test bench
  • More driving pleasure thanks to sporty damper recognition and comfort reserves in every everyday situation – even on longer journeys
  • Optimised vehicle height for balanced feedback of steering commands
  • Corrosion protection through zinc-nickel coating
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