BMW 3er Gewindefahrwerk Sportfahrwerk
BMW 3er Gewindefahrwerk Sportfahrwerk

The perfect sports suspension for the BMW 3 Series G20

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June 22, 2021 4 min read

We’re not telling you a secret when we say that a standard suspension is never more than a compromise. Anyone who values more driving dynamics has more than one option when buying a new car. Choose a sports suspension at extra cost as a factory option, or order a sports suspension from the aftermarket. This also applies to the BMW 3 Series G20. This also applies to the BMW 3 Series G20. The renowned German car magazine “Auto Bild Sportscars” has a clear opinion. In the magazine’s endurance test, the BILSTEIN EVO S clearly wins out over the optional M suspension!

It used to be a trend, but today´s stock sports suspensions are almost the new standard. “The optional sports suspensions offered by car manufacturers are usually around 15 mm lower and sportier than the normal suspensions,” explains Fabian Okon, Head of Marketing Performance Products at BILSTEIN. “However, we can map the sportiness more subtly or more sharply, depending on where our road test identifies optimization potential. What’s more, we can increase the lowering even further, which of course also makes a visual difference.

In the test by “Auto Bild Sportscars”, the BILSTEIN EVO S clearly wins against the optional M suspension

Our focus is always on the legendary BILSTEIN driving feel. Sporty, pleasant damping, the best driveability and precise steering behavior. And all that with maximum comfort. Just like with the current BMW 3 Series G20, for which we have a whole range of sporty coilover suspensions in the form of the BILSTEIN EVO S, EVO SE and EVO T1. Even the entry-level BILSTEIN EVO S suspension scores with top performance.

As confirmed by German car magazine „Auto Bild Sportscars“. In the magazine’s test (issue 6/2021), our coilover suspension clearly wins against the optional M suspension.

BMW 3er Gewindefahrwerk Sportfahrwerk
BMW 3er Gewindefahrwerk Sportfahrwerk
BMW 3er Gewindefahrwerk Sportfahrwerk
BMW 3er Gewindefahrwerk Sportfahrwerk

The perfect sports suspension for the BMW 3 Series G20

Editor Guido Naumann criticizes the BMW 3 Series’ M suspension for being “too hard” and “inharmonious.” “There’s no joy on the racetrack, lots of understeer, wobbly rear end,” writes Naumann.

The BILSTEIN EVO S is completely different! According to “Auto Bild Sportscars,” it is no comparison at all with the M package car. Where the latter still has to contend with understeer and stumbling, the BILSTEIN car is subjectively already half a second ahead.” Yet performance does not come at the expense of comfort, as the editor notes. “The BILSTEIN suspension is not extremely hard. Compared to the M series, it is even more drivable on the comfort lap.”

BILSTEIN EVO S: Maximum Points for Driving Dynamics

The magazine attests the coilover suspension “little to no body roll, excellent turn-in, well controllable rear axle”. In terms of price, the BILSTEIN EVO S scores four out of a possible five stars. In terms of lateral dynamics, the sports suspension even scores five out of five stars – maximum points!

The perfect sports suspension for the BMW 3 Series G20! No surprise for Fabian Okon. “Even sporty factory suspension solutions always have to make compromises. Especially with our coilovers, we explicitly develop products for tuning customers that resolve these compromises.”

Perfect sports suspension at a fair price

With the BILSTEIN EVO S, you get a top coilover suspension at a fair price that offers significantly more performance in terms of driving dynamics. Depending on the vehicle model, the lowering of up to 55 mm makes it look even more appealing than the BMW 3 Series G20 with M suspension.

The BILSTEIN EVO T1 offers even more performance for the BMW 3 Series. With this coilover suspension, you can set your own personal damper settings for the race track. With 10 noticeable clicks, the rebound and compression damping is adjusted in parallel via an aluminum adjustment wheel.

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