Ford Fiesta ST MK8 Gewindefahrwerk BILSTEIN EVO S
Ford Fiesta ST MK8 Gewindefahrwerk BILSTEIN EVO S

The best coilover suspension for the Ford Fiesta ST MK8? The BILSTEIN EVO S, of course!

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December 1, 2020 4 min read

The Ford Fiesta ST has always been a true hot hatch. Especially the current generation (MK8) is already a lot of fun in the production version. This is particularly true when the Ford Fiesta is ordered with the performance package. But ST drivers can only get the maximum out of driving dynamics and appearance with an excellently tuned coilover suspension. Just like with our brand new BILSTEIN EVO S!

Probably the best coilover suspension for the Ford Fiesta ST MK8

When the Ford Fiesta ST MK8 was first presented, hot hatch fans turned up their heads. As the compact car in the current generation is powered by a three-cylinder engine only. But with 200 HP and 290 Nm maximum torque, it does a lot right. The driving dynamics of the ST are beyond any doubt. The small Ford has become a highly agile sports car. A sports car that already inspires with high cornering speeds as a production model. But performance and car tuning fans know: The series version is always just a suggestion. Nice meant, but only nice. With our BILSTEIN EVO S threaded ride height adjustable kit, we’re not just tickling more corner speeds out of the Ford Fiesta ST MK8. The high-legged Fiesta ST also gets a hefty lowering with our new coilover suspension.

Ford Fiesta ST Gewindefahrwerk BILSTEIN EVO S
Ford Fiesta ST Gewindefahrwerk BILSTEIN EVO S
Ford Fiesta ST Gewindefahrwerk BILSTEIN EVO S
Ford Fiesta ST Gewindefahrwerk BILSTEIN EVO S

More performance

Equipped with the BILSTEIN EVO S, the Fiesta ST allows you to take curves with even greater precision. You can fillet them like with a scalpel. Furthermore the damper setting not only ensures a noticeably sportier performance. Our developers also took care to guarantee maximum comfort reserves in every everyday situation.

Top lowering for the Ford Fiesta ST

The BILSTEIN EVO S not only makes you and your Fiesta ST look great. It also makes sure that the MK8 ST stands deep and sporty on the road. The perfect lowering ensures that the tires and wheels fit perfectly. Your Ford Fiesta ST MK8 comes ca. 10 to 35 mm lower on the front axle. On the rear axle you can expect a lowering of ca. 10 to 30 mm. And because the BILSTEIN EVO S coilover suspension for the Ford Fiesta ST MK8 comes with a parts report, there are no technical problems.


Lowering springs vs. sports suspension

Only shorter springs to lower the Ford Fiesta ST? That won´t work. Yes, lowering springs do provide a sporty look. But that is a bad solution when it comes to handling and driving dynamics. The problem: Shorter springs need a harder spring rate, for which the standard shock absorber is not designed. As a result and in the worst case, the shocks will bounce all the way through. That’s why you should always use lowering springs with appropriately tuned shocks. With the BILSTEIN EVO S you get your own personal “all-inclusive carefree package”.

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With the BILSTEIN EVO S you get the perfect coilover suspension for your Ford Fiesta ST. At least if you’re looking for maximum driving dynamics and a sporty look. And the best thing is: With this sports suspension, everyday usability is always guaranteed.

Your advantages with the BILSTEIN EVO S coilover suspension for the Fiesta ST MK8

  • optically extremely attractive lowering up to 35 mm at the front and 30 mm at the back
  • With a technical component report
  • Better and more harmonious performance than the standard suspension thanks to double-tested damper settings – in BILSTEIN driving tests and simulations
  • sporty steering behavior and better handling
  • Durability, reliability and concentrated driving pleasure
  • Additional protection against corrosion by zinc-nickel coating

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