Stoßdämpfer für Sieger BILSTEIN Leserwahlen Best Brands
Stoßdämpfer für Sieger BILSTEIN Leserwahlen Best Brands

The shocks for winners: how BILSTEIN dominates readers’ polls of leading car magazines

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November 16, 2023 3 min read

The brand for winners: BILSTEIN suspensions and shock absorbers repeatedly take first place in the readers’ polls of leading motoring magazines. Beispiele gefällig? Here you go!

One top result after another for BILSTEIN: According to the readers of automotive magazines, the brand from Ennepetal, Germany, is the most popular manufacturer of shock absorbers and suspension systems. The special thing about it: BILSTEIN products not only inspire sports drivers on the racetrack. The high-tech products from Ennepetal have also proven their qualities in classic and classic cars and are regularly rewarded by readers with top results.

First place in MOTOR KLASSIK

For example, among the readers of MOTOR KLASSIK. They voted the driving dynamics specialist the winner of the Best Brand category ” Suspensions” at the Motor Klassik Award 2023. A total of 18,063 readers took part in the vote – and a large majority of 73.4 per cent opted for BILSTEIN suspensions.

AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT: Winner in the “Sports suspensions” category

For the 17th time, readers of the trade magazine AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT not only voted for their “Best Cars 2023” at the beginning of the year. In a total of 25 categories, the focus was also on the “Best Brands”, in which renowned brands were honoured in the areas of “automotive accessories”, “supplier industry” and “automotive services”. The winner in the “Sports suspensions” category was BILSTEIN: 73.2 per cent of the votes went to the suspension specialists from Ennepetal, once again securing BILSTEIN the top position.

2x 1st place at MOTORSPORT AKTUELL

A great deal of empathy and passion for motorsport characterise the readers of the trade magazine MOTORSPORT AKTUELL. In addition to the “Racers of the Year”, vehicles and accessories are also put to the vote. In 2022, BILSTEIN competed in the categories “Sports suspensions” and “Coilover suspensions” and was able to secure 1st place in each. 64 per cent of readers saw BILSTEIN as the winner in the sports suspension category, while 55.3 per cent voted for BILSTEIN in the coilover suspension category.


BILSTEIN 2023 achieved a double success in the major readers’ poll organised by the trade magazines AUTO ZEITUNG and AUTO ZEITUNG CLASSIC CARS. The top brands from various sectors were chosen by a large readership, who honoured BILSTEIN with the “Golden Top Brand” award in the “Sports Suspensions” category.

One of the absolute highlights for BILSTEIN is the annual SPORT AUTO AWARD, in which particularly enthusiastic readers select their favourite brands from a wide range. Among other things, readers can vote for their favourite brands each year in the “Best Brands” category. In two categories, “shock absorbers” and “sports suspensions”, the vast majority of SPORT AUTO readers saw the products from Ennepetal on the podium in 2023: 67.5 per cent voted BILSTEIN the winner in the shock absorber category, while 62.3 per cent voted BILSTEIN sports suspensions in first place. A total of 9344 readers of the trade magazine took part in the poll.

Tens of thousands of readers can’t be wrong. Find out more about our shock absorbers and suspensions now!

BILSTEIN Brand Award Logo für Best Brand Gewindefahrwerke
Logo für Best Brand 2023 in der Kategorie Fahrwerke von MotorKlassik für BILSTEIN
Logo für Top Marke 2023 GOLD im Bereich Fahrwerk für BILSTEIN
Logo für Top Marke 2023 GOLD im Bereich Sportfahrwerke für BILSTEIN
Best Brand Award in der Kategorie Sportfahrwerke für BILSTEIN
Best Brand Award 2022 in der Kategorie Sportfahrwerke für BILSTEIN

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