New BMW Z4 G29 coilover suspension

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October 2, 2020 3 min read

BILSTEIN EVO R coilover kit for the Lightweight Performance BMW Z4.

When BMW launched the Z4 (E85) in 2002, the roadster was instantly criticized heavily. Especially the design did not appeal to everyone. To say it carefully. The third generation of the Z4, the BMW Z4 G29, is visually beyond all doubt. And for ambitious sports car drivers, the new Z4 provides a good basis in terms of driving dynamics. A basis that can be taken to a new level with a high-performance coilover suspension.

High-performance BMW Z4 G29 coilover suspension

With rear-wheel drive and its long hood, the current BMW Z4 is a true roadster. While the BMW Z4 sDrive20i and sDrive30i have a four-cylinder turbo engine, the Z4 M40i is powered by a 340 hp turbocharged straight six-cylinder engine. Although Z4 buyers can choose from three different suspension systems, including an M sports suspension and an adaptive suspension many drivers want a high performance coilover suspension. A new BMW Z4 G29 coilover suspension should give their sports car a lowered ride height, while at the same time it should improve performance on the race track.

EVO R coilover suspension from BILSTEIN

The lack of a genuine M version of the BMW Z4 is a popular point of criticism in the sports car driver scene. For this reason, the BMW tuning specialists at Lightweight Performance took the current BMW Z4 G29 2020 to make it the roadster it should always be. The German tuners chose the BMW Z4 M40i M Performance version as the basis. The tuning of the Lightweight Performance “LW Z4 R” includes new aerodynamic parts, a new titanium exhaust system and a performance injection system. The BMW Z4 from Lightweight Performance delivers 400 hp and 570 Nm of maximum torque to the rear axle. Thanks to the Vmax boost, the sports car also breaks the 300 km/h mark.

In order to get the increased power on the road, Lightweight Performance relied on suspension technology from BILSTEIN. The new EVO R threaded ride height adjustable coilover kit with its robust lightweight construction was exactly what the performance experts were looking for.

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Threaded ride height adjustable coilover suspension

The case was clear. The new coilover suspension was to bring the BMW Z4 to M-level! And the BILSTEIN EVO R threaded ride height adjustable coilover suspension did even more than that. The suspension offers finest motor sports technology. The state-of-the-art BMW Z4 threaded ride height adjustable kit ensures maximum grip and thus significantly higher cornering speeds. Furthermore, drivers can perfectly adjust the coilover suspension to their wishes and individual driving style. With two aluminum adjustment wheels and 10 tactile clicks each, particularly ambitious sports and trackday drivers can individually adjust the rebound and compression damping of the shock absorbers. In this way, they can realize a highly individual setup for maximum performance.

Thanks to individual and smooth ride height lowering by up to 70 mm, absolutely precise handling and rigorously lightweight construction, the BILSTEIN EVO R threaded ride height adjustable coilover suspension is just perfect for trackday drivers and real racers!

(The BILSTEIN EVO R was developed for racing and track use and is currently shipped without a certificate.)

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Tuning partner for this project is Lightweight Performance in Sinn, Germany.

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