BILSTEIN EVO SE Porsche Coilover Suspension

Exclusive world premiere: Innovative coilover suspension technology available for the Porsche 992 for the first time. With the new BILSTEIN EVO SE we have developed a coilover that further enhances the sporty appearance and driving dynamics of the 911.

Exclusive world premiere: Innovative coilover suspension technology available for the Porsche 992 for the first time. With the new BILSTEIN EVO SE we have developed a coilover that further enhances the sporty appearance and driving dynamics of the 911.

Porsche coilover suspension with BILSTEIN DampTronic® X technology

The brand-new, high-performance Porsche coilover suspension uses the original BILSTEIN DampTronic® X technology, which is already installed in the Porsche 911 production model: the BILSTEIN EVO SE coilover kit is fully compatible with the newest Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) and can therefore be easily fitted using the plug-and-play method.

The latest valve technology developed together with Porsche is now available in the aftermarket as a world premiere exclusively from us.

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Porsche 992 from the front, driving on a country road in the forest with BILSTEIN threaded suspension

Porsche 992 lowering

35 mm lowering – with threads to spare and a technical component report – lowers the center of gravity and gives the 911 an even sportier look. The Porsche coilover suspension impresses with higher cornering speeds and gives experienced sports drivers even more control.

Front left fender of a Porsche 992

Increased driving dynamics for Porsche 992

The BILSTEIN DampTronic® X technology in particular has a major influence on the increased driving dynamics: the BILSTEIN EVO SE shock absorbers are equipped with very fast-switching adjustment valves, which enable damping forces to adjust to the calculated damping requirement within milliseconds. This technology calculates and adjusts the damping several hundred times per second, depending on the driving situation and wheel-selectively.

View over the shoulder into the cockpit of a Porsche 992

Best balance between comfort and sportiness

The big advantage: Despite sharper handling and better road grip, the Porsche coilover suspension remains impressively comfortable. We would even go so far as to say: the balance between comfort and sportiness has never been more in tune as is the Porsche 911 with BILSTEIN EVO SE.

Porsche 992 drives on a country road with BILSTEIN coilover suspension

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BILSTEIN EVO SE coilover suspensions are available under the following part numbers: 49-303940 (Porsche 992 with PASM, without ride height control) and 49-300581 (Porsche 992 with ride height control / Lift Kit).

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BILSTEIN EVO SE coilover suspension for all Porsche 992 models

Attempting to improve the driving dynamics of an already perfect sports car such as the Porsche 911 is, as experience shows, not without risk. The danger of failing at this icon is great. Nevertheless, we succeeded. With probably the most advanced shock absorber technology available in the aftermarket.

With the new BILSTEIN EVO SE, we have developed a sports suspension that further enhances the appearance and driving dynamics of the 911 for particularly demanding drivers.

The BILSTEIN EVO SE coilovers are now available for the following Porsche 992 models directly from the BILSTEIN Online Shop or from one of our BILSTEIN suspension experts:

  • Porsche 992 Carrera
  • Porsche 992 Carrera 4
  • Porsche 992 Carrera S
  • Porsche 992 Carrera 4S
  • Porsche 992 Turbo
  • Porsche 992 Turbo S


Porsche 992 Tuning: The advantages when suspension tuning with BILSTEIN

For decades, the conflicting goals between, on the one hand, higher driving dynamics and, on the other hand, higher comfort could not be solved. However, adaptive chassis from BILSTEIN are now able to combine high performance driving dynamics with superior driving comfort.

Depending on the driving mode and the road’s characteristics, these can automatically select the optimal damping characteristics for every wheel individually. As a result, rolling and pitching movements can be reduced and the contact of each individual wheel with the road can be optimised.


OE replacement for Porsche models with Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM)

Modern Porsche models are often equipped with “Porsche Active Suspension Management” (PASM). This system allows the driver to choose between two different damping levels, sport or comfort. Since 2004, we have been offering aftermarket shock absorbers and chassis with our DampTronic® X technology for Porsche models with Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM). This system is still the only series replacement alternative in the aftermarket for various Porsche models with PASM.

At the touch of a button and via EDC (Electronic Damper Control), the BILSTEIN DampTronic® X dampers allow every wheel to have an individual and continuous damping force adjustment. The driver can adjust the characteristics of the chassis for sport or for comfort using a selector in the cockpit: In sport mode, a sporty, stiff damping provides better driving dynamics and increased safety, in comfort mode, a softer damping characteristic improves the driving comfort.


How BILSTEIN DampTronic technology works

In addition, the system automatically adjusts the characteristics as needed: Sensors register vibrations and transmit continuous information about the current driving situation to the central control unit. The dampers are then controlled with the relevant parameters of the EDC. The chassis thus self-adapts to the specific driving situation. In this way, the BILSTEIN DampTronic® X dampers are able to provide perfect traction and a high level of comfort depending on the requirements of each wheel.

Thus, through a continuous adjustment of the damping, the BILSTEIN EVO SE coilover suspensions are able to solve the old conflicting goals between sports performance and driving comfort. As a Plug & Play solution, our system is perfectly aligned with the standard electronic adjustment system of many Porsche models and it guarantees the first-class driving dynamics typical of BILSTEIN.


Lowering your Porsche 992: up to 35 mm thanks to BILSTEIN suspension

Enthusiasts often want more direct road contact and lowering. Both are easily possible in the Porsche 911 thanks to suspension tuning. By installing a BILSTEIN EVO SE coilover suspension, the Porsche 992 can be lowered by up to 35 mm.

Comparison of the lowering of a Porsche 992 by BILSTEIN coilover suspension

Thus a lowered Porsche 992 impresses with a sportier appearance and looks more dynamic even when standing still. Lowering with BILSTEIN coilover suspension kits also makes sense from a driving dynamics point of view: the Porsche 911 then has a lower centre of gravity, reacts more quickly to the driver’s steering commands, generally receives more traction and benefits from greater mechanical grip. Especially on uneven tracks such as the Nürburgring-Nordschleife.



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